About Us

Wendy Gibbs


My husband, Darrell, and I own and operate Gibbs Realty since 2001. It has been a joy to work side by side and see the company grow over the years and  to have our children come onboard and see them flourish in the real estate business. Our team of agents are like an extended family to me as our company would not be the same without each and every one.

I enjoy working and the constant flow of challenges this industry brings. It is a blessing to give back to the community with buyer outreach events, agent sales classes and through charity events. I also enjoy music, reading, puppy dogs, riding through the mountains,  playing with our grandchildren, gardening and dabble with the idea of learning how to paint one day.

My goal is to keep a healthy balance in this ever changing business we are in. God first, family second and take on each day at work with a positive attitude with endless possibilities.

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